2024 runway

Once again we have some amazing fashion to showcase on this years runway in July. Here's where you can find out more about the designers and brands.

Meet the brands

Woman outside reclining on wall wearing turquoise NAIA swimsuit

2024 Headline brand

NAIA Beach

Our mission at NAIA is for you to feel comfortable, confident and special when wearing our collections, that’s why each piece is designed for an ultra flattering fit, with timeless luxury fabrics and subtle, elegant glamour in every piece.

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Woman leaning by tree wearing A Perfect Jane boots

2024 runway

A Perfect Jane

A Perfect Jane is a Vegan & Sustainable women's shoe label, based in Ibiza.

Designed for animal lovers and fashionistas, who want to contribute to a better world and look fabulous at the same time, without compromising on style and quality. Made from natural materials like apple waste, cork and wood.

Cruelty-Free, Sustainable and Looking Great!

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Two women standing on staircase in turquoise Arenas swim wear

2024 runway

Arenas by Helen Acosta

“For modern and elegant women with an inner spirit of freedom”

Our brand’s main mission is to produce durable fashion for a more sustainable future. In Arenas by Helen Acosta we prioritise quality over quantity, therefore, we use only the best materials and work with the best professionals in the sector.

The entire production has been made in Spain with the latest technologies in fashion design.

3D fashion design software automates the tasks of design, pattern making and confection, providing greater flexibility and ease of exploring design alternatives, such as different styles, fabrics or colors. This helps us reduce CO₂ emissions and material waste.

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Close up of Be Em gold sun necklace

2024 runway

Be Em

Be Em Ibiza was created in 2018 by Founder Emilia Chodyna who is the designer and jewelry maker behind the brand.

All pieces are 100% handmade using various materials such as recycled mirror, semi precious crystals, sea glass and stones from Ibiza. Every single piece is sustainable and unique from disco to boho or shamanic, totally like Ibiza - many types of spirits.

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Boy and girl standing by cat mural wearing blue Carnales Carnalita clothing

2024 brand partner

Carnales Carnalita

Let's celebrate a new planet.

Carnage's Carnality was born on Ibiza with a singular focus: improving the way we live our lives.

Our island lifestyle of tolerance, freedom, self-respect, health consciousness, joie de vivre and respectful treatment of our environment is the reflection of our garments and the expression of all visitors who feel at home as soon as they step on the island and can be themselves.

Wear and live this lifestyle wherever you are and have a positive impact on your community and your environment.

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Woman in sunlit woods wearing orange Cavalcante bikini and wrap

2024 runway


Illustration and design drawing is my way of communication. I am an illustrator from Brazil, who creates for commercial use and private clients, inspired by the world of fashion.

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Woman in room with long dark hair wearing Ceva Cu Dichis kimono

2024 runway

Ceva cu Dichis

The story started when I was little. I used to go with my mom to her seamstress and I would go under the sewing machine and I would play with all the textile scraps. It was a magical place for me, I couldn’t way for the next time to go with her. Then, at home, my mom had a closet with fabrics and I remember having a ritual: I would take out the pieces of fabric and imagine what I could make out of them. However my dream stayed in that closet until I grew up.

Years passed, I went to study finances at the university and after I finished I understood that I had a different dream, so I enrolled in fashion design. 

I took the classes and then I discovered block printing! I remembered how much I liked the feeling of comfort that white bed linen and beautiful pijamas bring to your soul. So I started to create what I love: printed white textiles, loungewear and street clothes interpreted in the form of the Meraki kimonos. 

The rest followed organically. Today I'm turning my passion and love for textiles into creations that bring people of all sizes and all ages, a sense of comfort and beauty. 

For me, continuing this journey is deeply related to my inner child and my father who hand carved my first wood blocks when I started to work with this technique. My creative process is constantly changing, growing, maturing, so what you will discover here can be contrasting, different, non-linear but definitely Ceva cu Dichis.

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Blonde woman outside wearing Dunesi denim jacket and skirt

2024 runway


For the love of denim, and our planet. Dunesi creates unique denim pieces of clothing and footwear for customers to treasure for many seasons to come. 

With Founder Hanne Ripsaluoma as the designer, Dunesi gives disgarded pre-loved jeans a second life by re-imagining and re-working it to denim jackets, statement dresses, stunning skirts and handcrafted denim shoes.

Reducing waste and limiting the use of nature’s resources is in the DNA of Dubai-based Dunesi.

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Close up of woman walking wearing Femmes Sans Peur stiletto shoes

2024 runway

Femmes Sans Peur

Dare to push boundaries. Feel empowered with every step.

A woman owned and operated business with a whole lot of heart, Femmes Sans Peur [FSP] translates to "Fearless Women”. For the rebels, the dreamers and the confidence seekers, FSP has redefined footwear offering luxury shoe designs that allow women to express their personal style without sacrificing comfort for fashion.

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2024 runway

Harti Swim

Harti Swim is a bold, sustainable statement print collection of swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles from our oceans.

We are redefining beachside elegance with our hand painted original pop art graphics which feature across our collections.

Embracing an audacious and vivid colour palette, Harti Swim is about storytelling, innovation and expression, from a family run brand.

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We Are IA multi colour bag made of inflatables on mat in garden

2024 brand partner

Inflatable Amnesty

Inflatable Amnesty (@weare_ia) have been turning broken bouncy castles, vintage deckchairs and defunct inflatables into sustainable bags and accessories since 2010.

Made in the UK in their workshop on the Isle of Wight, these bags help to ensure these non-biodegradable fabrics do not end up in landfill, but continue their useful lives holding your treasures!

We Are IA employ both repair and end of life policies, to ensure as much post consumer responsibility as possible.

Whilst acknowledging this is not a solution, We Are IA have (at time of writing) swerved over 800 tonnes of these fabrics from landfill.

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Womans hand holding Keilani necklaces made of semi precious stones

2024 runway


Keilani grew out of a love for creating one of a kind pieces, using locally sourced and high quality components.

Each gemstone tells a story, creates energy and empowers the wearer. Made with semi-precious gems, pearls and gold filled findings, all Keilani pieces are all one of a kind.

As a non-seasonal brand, the focus is on creating pieces that will be kept for years, worn with intention and treasured. 

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Woman in Les Waves swim suit holding surfboard leaning backwards by blue and yellow wall

2024 runway

Les Waves

Les Waves is a Swimwear House dedicated to surf, raw beauty and effortless cool.

Carved from the foundations of elegant minimalism, nostalgic sensuality, and understated luxury. Les Waves is for women of a new-era, who seek effortless staples and the elegantly bold who set the trends rather than follow them.

Inspired by you, designed for seasons to come, and here for the magic moments. 

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Young woman sitting on rock at beach wearing green Noema dress

2024 runway


NOEMA is about thoughtfully designed everyday, effortless staples. Smart collectable wardrobe essentials you can rely on, with a taste of Mallorca. We believe in the art of living simply because life is better when we take it slow. Our collections are just that: designed to withstand whatever your day throws at you, the seven days of the week. Comfy, easygoing style that always looks smart.

• Timeless style, not fast fashion.
• Quality, not quantity.
• Carefully, locally produced, not generic.
• Eco-conscious, not planet-harming.

Simple pleasures and precious moments of uncomplicated living.

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Woman with hands on hips by the sea wearing Oceanus beach clothes

2024 runway


Oceanus is on a mission to redefine swimwear and empower women. Designed with the intention of turning heads, each piece in the collection evokes a sense of self-expression to help women stand out and feel powerful. The brand exudes confidence through its unique textures without compromising on sustainability. Each piece is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials and hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Oceanus reflects the confident attitude of 80s glamour evening wear which is a constant reference point for the brand.

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Young boho woman looking back wearing blue dress and Pacifico hat

2024 runway


I have been obsessed with style and fashion since the moment I could express myself and have an understanding of what those two things meant to me.

Customising my own outfits started in the early years of primary school, I would start every new academic year with a new addition to my uniform… frills were my fave at that age, so I’d have matching frills on the bottom of my summer dresses, socks and scrunchies.

I grew up watching my mum study Interior Design, Art and forever hosting private clothing events with a designer named Bondhi. Headwear has always been such a vocal piece of my outfits as a singer, a creator, and confident woman. I wasn’t ever overly content with the structure, sustainability or durability of any of the hats I had and always thought to myself "I would love to make this better myself - if only I knew how."

Shortly after going through some of the most challenging life changes (my Saturn return) for sure, I decided to listen to my friends and family, play around with some felt, hire a tiny pop up shop and see what could happen. The 8 hats I made sold out within 3 hours and Pacifico Designs was born in November 2022. 

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Woman looking up smiling wearing black with elbows on table in white room

2024 runway

Richness N Simplicity

Canadian Jewelry Designer Rose Scaglione collaborates closely with Colombian filigree artisans to create each of these unique pieces.

Let these handcrafted 24k gold-plated pieces evoke the warmth of the sun and the earth, grounding you in the here and now. Using high quality craftsmanship, RnS also designs modular pieces that are easily combined to create a new style.

Each piece in this collection is a testament to the beauty of the present moment, adorned with Swarovski crystals that shimmer like stars against the night sky.

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Willa Phoenix black and white portrait looking off camera

2024 runway

Willa Phoenix

Founded in 2021 by Abby Barroll Brown, Willa Phoenix produces stylish, sophisticated shoes and accessories, designed in London and handcrafted in Italy using the finest animal-free materials.

We offer customers luxurious alternatives to shoes and accessories made from leather and other animal skins, combining ethical production practices with high-end Italian craftsmanship.

We are passionate about proving through intelligent design and thoughtful material selection, luxurious shoes can be produced at the top end of the market using cruelty-free materials including no animals in the process.

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