Fashion has become one of the biggest influencers of our social activity. It allows us to wear our emotions. But somehow down the line, it has become one of the largest contributors to pollution of our time. Our appetite for fast fashion has grown at an alarming rate and with Ibiza now being one of the biggest influencer destinations it provides a hotspot for brands trending the next forecast for your holiday collection.

With the essential tourism market potentially being one of the biggest threats to the islands eco system, we took it upon ourselves to focus on a luxury made-to-measure service available online, working with authentic global designers, fashion graduates, and fully established brands using only biodegradable, ocean recycled and organic fabrics.

Making a difference

Ibiza fashion festival has been actively supportive in driving awareness to environmental movements and projects on the island over the course of 10 years. We are proud to be a part of a strong new wave which is taking place to preserve the ecological system in Ibiza after so many years of heavy traffic due to tourism.

By working with sustainable elite partnerships, we have elevated our position and have recognised credibility. Our focus is eliminating single use plastics within our swimwear collections and becoming a 4 star, recognised plastic free event was a turning point for us.

By working with recognised environmental organisations, B Corp partners and certified sponsors offering authenticity for designers while working closely with local boutiques on the island, we are closer to making a difference to the fashion industry and hospitality with fantastic long lasting collaborations.

Every live event donates proceeds to beach cleans in Ibiza and we are looking forward to working on other projects such as :

The launch of IFF Fashion Graduate Program.

Launch of Bimonthly Podcast with guest speakers and big names in the fashion industry to get under the skin of sustainability in the fashion industry and lifestyle brands.

Brand sustainability

Our 2024 runway brands are committed to making a difference.

brand sustainability

A Perfect Jane

Use of organic waste matter to engineer innovative fabrics.

Collection utilises recycled PET and renewable cork.

Made in Portugal.

FSC certified and zero plastic packaging.

1% donated to animal welfare charities.

brand sustainability


Seasonless styles.

Small batch production.

Made to order.

Reworked deadstock denim.

brand sustainability

Femmes Sans Peur

LWG gold certified responsible leather.

Reworking previous styles to minimise waste.

Utilising memory foam made from recycled plastic bottles.

Traceable and transparent leather tanning and production.

brand sustainability


Seasonless styles.

Coherent care of items information, to ensure your pieces remain in the best condition, for as long as possible.

Small batch production.

Bespoke services available.

Repurposed packaging.

Coherent and transparent repairs policy.

Ethically sourced beads and findings.

Organic cotton dust bags to promote longevity of pieces.

brand sustainability

NAIA Beach

Swimwear made from discarded fishing nets.

Discarded textiles utilised in sustainable edit.

Consistent R&D into emerging sustainable alternatives.

Regularly audited supply chain.

Long lasting supplier relationships

Future goals:

Developing more sustainable and ethical practices.

Committed to learning and growing the Naia Beach brand, in the most sustainable way possible.

brand sustainability

Noema James

All pieces ethically handcrafted in Ireland.

Efficiency of production prioritised to reduce waste.

Prioritising the welfare of people, animals and planet by utilising the principles of slow and considered production.

A focus on natural fibres [primarily wool, bamboo and organic cotton].

Collection includes some recycled fibres.

Living wage employer.

Seasonless styles.

Local and transparent production.

brand sustainability

Richness N Simplicity

Collaborating with Colombian artisans to bring awareness to and preserve heritage filigree techniques.

Modular elements to create various styles from one piece.

Swarovski crystals used in replacement of precious stones where possible.

Small batch production.

Made to order services available.

Future goals:

Committed to learning and growing the RnS brand, in the most sustainable way possible.

  • One pure sea

    Beach clean up operations now in progress on the island.

    Find out how you can participate, make donations and see calendar dates, please follow on Instagram and FB.

  • Ecologi

    Ecologi was created so people like you can create simple, transparent and impactful climate solutions for both your business and workforce.

  • Friend of the earth

    Committed to the environment and part of the World Sustainability Organisation, Friend of the Earth are collaborating with IFF to help certify our fashion brands.

  • Consultancy

    Help and advice on everything from presentation and communication with sustainability in mind, all the way through to being retail ready and sourcing exclusive retail outlets.

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