IFF have maintained a zero policy on all single use plastic at the event for over 5 years and we now follow this recently in our new e-commerce packaging.

All carbon emissions will be tracked using accounting software and offset by working with green efficiency. And by 2025, we will aim to be carbon neutral.

We have goals to become a registered partner within a corporation that collects, cleans and sorts reusable single use plastics in Ibiza to give another life to this type of waste.

Partnered with One Puresea charity beach clean.

Beach clean Date 05:07:24

Location Cala Tarida beach 3pm

Are you a brand that would like to join us on this journey?
Do not hesitate to contact and start discussions.

Why partner with us ?


Everything we do, is with recycling and repurposing in mind. Less waste means mindful consumption.


Beauty means nothing, if it is harmful not only to your skin, but harmful to the environment. Only organic vegan products are suitable for the festival and it’s members … and our furry friends.


We believe that sustainable means luxurious. All sustainable clothing lines are designed with longevity in mind, featuring top craftsmanship and top quality fabrics. Remember that vintage means it has stood the test of time.


Because we have a small team, means we can operate at a personal level.
Customer experience is a top priority for us. Drop us an email we like to chat.

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